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Rae-Ann Patten and Alicia Patten

What is KAE anyway?

We can answer that! We are Rae-Ann (AKA Rae on left) and Alicia Patten (on right). We are sisters who created KAE after Alicia traveled to Uganda, Africa on a civic engagement trip in 2009 and 2010 to build school blocks for local students. Alicia was blown away by not only the kindness displayed by students and teachers but also by those whom she worked with to get the job done. Whether it was mixing cement, seeking ways to fundraise for her trip or playing net ball with local residents of Kampala, kindness was the major theme that made the trip a success and blessing to so many residents who now use the school blocks for daily lessons. 

When Alicia attended graduate school, a professor instructed the class to create a mock business and guess what business she chose? You guessed it! KAE Collection! After graduating, we teamed up and put our purpose on paper. After a few months, voilà! KAE was born. 

Ever since KAE's creation, we have met the most amazing people. Teachers who use our message in their classrooms, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter users who leave such encouraging and uplifting comments below our posts, patients who choose kindness to combat their sickness, parents who believe in raising a kinder generation, and brave souls who believe in KAE so much that they've tattooed 'kindness above everything' on their bodies!


We never could have imagined what KAE would have grown into but we are so happy to see that even at times when the world seems dark, people are encouraged by our brand, our message and our passion. As KAE continues to grow, we remain vigilant in our message and integrity, and work to ensure that we do our part to spread kindness to everyone, everywhere. 

With the profit made from YOUR purchases, KAE is able to create/donate towards various projects that encourage community engagement and social consciousness. 


If you are an organization that would like to work with KAE for future projects, please email


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