Creating and Cultivating KINDLY.

A brand’s style catches the eye, but their character touches the heart. This month, Kae Collection would like to highlight a business who is taking the women’s entrepreneurship world by storm: Create & Cultivate. Founded in 2012 by Jaclyn R. Johnson, Create & Cultivate is a one day conference for business owners, bloggers, creatives or anyone who needs encouragement as they seek to fulfill their purpose in the world and have the career of their dreams. A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending their conference on the Microsoft Campus in Seattle. The well of inspiration never ran dry as I absorbed panels, mentor sessions and keynotes from industry leaders, seasoned influencers a

From Me To You: Parenting Tips From Your Daughter

As we settle back into schoolwork, tests and the latest fall trends, I thought about how frequently our parents get left out of the mix. While we juggle meeting their expectations and coming into our own as adults, the stress is often a little too much and we end up selling ourselves short for fear of disappointment or shutting our parents out completely. So parents, here are 3 tips to help you meet us somewhere in the middle. 1. Doctor or Dancer, our dreams are always valid. Naturally as our parents, you want us to have “stable” jobs. To be financially protected and be able to provide for ourselves. While that's reasonable request, who says we have to sacrifice our passions in exchange for

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