Favorite for Fall: “No Fuss” Beanie

"I’ve always seen accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” - Michael Kors The pieces we use to assemble an outfit are vital, but the hidden treasure is in our accessories we partner alongside them. Though having a minimalistic style may be boring for some, the “no fuss” beanie manifests itself to be more than just a average head-warmer and reassures that the magic really is in the details. While we might not put much consideration into why we’re attracted to the colors we wear, if we’re attentive, we’ll see the deeper meanings that come to the surface. Yes, sometimes we purchase things solely because we like the way it's put together however, there’s certain times in our li

Favorite for Fall: 'Kindness Above Everything' Sweatshirt

Whether we want to dress down or dress up, we always look for a piece that is going to make our outfit pop. The “kindness above everything” sweatshirt is the definition of a statement piece. While fitting the mold for fall wear with its neutral color, the bold lettering splashed across the front demands attention for heads to turn and admire its sentiment. In a world full of injustices that make us question our faith in people, a complete shift happens when I wear KAE attire. Once someone sees the “kindness above everything” slogan, I am immediately met with personal testimonies of why kindness takes top priority in their lives. An impact is made when we wear clothes that resonate with our m

Favorite for Fall: 'Kindness Above Credentials'

If I asked you to close your eyes and name your favorite thing about fall, one might say the leaf-covered streets or the taste of creamy soups and pumpkin flavored lattes. For me, the chance to thoroughly showcase my style makes my world go round. During summer, our fashion choices tend to be simplified for the sake of keeping cool, but lower temperatures invite us to layer and accessorize until we’re content. If you’re unsure of where to begin, KAE Collection is a perfect start. With sweatshirts and beanies that keep us culture-conscious and warm, there’s plenty of options to choose from and I’ll be covering my top 5 pieces all week. Being that my classroom and schools of every level will b

Why Kindness Is The Answer To Workplace Woes

We were introduced to Jaclyn Lindsey, Co Founder and CEO of kindness.org, and loved that both of us were in the same line of work, encouraging people to choose kindness above everything. She wrote an article last November about kindness within the workplace and thought we'd share it with all of you. Not only do we agree with 100% of what she says but it also makes us so happy to know that people are working towards a kinder world as tirelessly as we are. Enjoy and let us know how you like today's blog! If you’ve spent even just 10 minutes scanning the headlines in the last month, the workplace can seem like it’s suddenly become a minefield. Sexual harassment. Bullying. Racism. Sexism. Homoph

Choose a boss, not a job.

I came across the article below on LinkedIn and thought I'd share it with all of you. Now if you're like us, you read that title and thought, 'I'd rather BE the boss, than choose one'. I know. SAME. However, there is something to be said about being respected and believing wholeheartedly that regardless of where you work, respect should never be absent. A boss that supports you, trusts you and believes in you will make a great difference in your career. I was NOT qualified for the first management job I took. My boss took a big leap of faith to hire me. I knew I was not qualified, and I acted as such. I avoided making mistakes at all costs, and tried to control everything because mistakes wo

Day 5: Pride and Friendships

In every friendship, there will be disagreements or times when we unintentionally hurt one another. How do we fix it? Through much trial and error, I’ve discovered two ways that help to check my pride at the door before my friendships fall: First, I’ve learned that communication is the solution to all problems. Though I’ve run from confrontation in the past, I’ve come to embrace it when I need to own up to my mistakes. When there’s an issue, it’s vital to discuss it and uncover the root of the problem before it gets bigger. It is most effective after all immediate emotions have dissolved and you are ready to put it all on the table. I know apologizing seems like a give in after we’ve done so

Day 4: Love and Friendships

Falling in love is one of life's most electrifying experiences. At the mention of our significant other's name, we smile uncontrollably, become weak in the knees and eagerly begin planning forever in their arms. So where do our friends fit in our timeline? Often times, they don’t. To prevent the inevitable urge to choose a side, here are two ways to mend the gap between your boo and your crew: 1. Treat your friends like priorities, not options. Although the honeymoon stage of a new relationship makes us feel like the best version of ourselves, we make a grave mistake when we neglect the ones who appreciated us way before we entered into that delightful stage. Taking the time to balance our f

Day 3: Jealousy in Friendships

Friendship can be a gift and a curse. It provides many highs in our lives because we are awarded a companion that takes on the world with us. However, it also provides a mirror of self-reflection and exposes things we’re not proud of. Jealousy is common in friendships because unfortunately, we frequently want what we don’t have, especially if we’ve always gotten the short end of the stick and had to seemingly work just a tad bit harder for things, while it seems like they came so easy for another. Now, that shouldn't mean we want to take it from them, it should simply mean we want better for ourselves. For example, if a close friend gets married before you, if you’re honest with yourself, th

Day 2: Find Your Tribe.

Growing up, I believed popularity is the best thing on earth. If I had tons of friends and people wanted to be around me, then that meant I was doing it right. But growing pains allowed me to see that less people equaled more peace. Having a massive amount of friends isn’t a bad thing, in fact having any amount of friends is a gift, but I began to get serious about maintaining quality over quantity, because I was so happy to bring people along for the journey that I didn’t inspect the baggage they carried first. One night, after rambling to God about the things going on my life, I asked to find a tribe. A group of like-minded individuals who would enhance my life in every way possible. They

Day 1: Friendship Breakups are a Real Thing!

There must be like 5.2 bazillion songs out there about couples breaking up. Seriously, you can search the radio stations at any given time and find at least one song on a station talking about the heartache of a couple breaking up. WHY?… because breaking up sucks! It breaks our hearts, it leaves us wounded, and it feels really really bad and sucky. And mostly because… everyone can relate! When we break up with a boyfriend there’s so much room to lament over it, there’s language to use to describe it, and there’s a basic universal understanding that it’s a painful thing. However, when it comes to a friendship break up… not so much. There’s no songs to lean into or speak to the condition

Breaking Barriers: Benefits of my Social Media Fast

Social media has blown us away for quite some time. The methods of connection, creativity and business ventures continuously leave us in awe of its presence, praying it never goes away. Unfortunately for me, I found myself hoping it would. After being a faithful user of social media for so long, I found myself becoming anxious, weary, and depressed every time I opened it and surrendered to putting myself on a social media fast. Though I didn’t completely cut it off, I lessened my activity to three days a week, up to an hour or less per day. As a result, I discovered some ugly truths about myself and society that I hope we can change for the better. First, detoxifying your mind from unfortuna

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