Maturing Kindly: Stacking Those Coins

Money is an essential tool for getting through our day-to-day routines, but unless you’re rolling in dough, adults of all ages struggle with keeping their finances afloat. As a broke college student, I had to quickly discover a balance between spending money 'just because I have it', and preserving money 'in case I need it'. Here are 4 ways to effectively stack your coins: 1. Prioritize. With every paycheck, determine the costs of your bills and subtract that from your paycheck first, then work with what you have left. If you’re a visual learner, create a chart or calendar that states when you get paid and how much is needed for each necessity during that time period. Cross off each priority

Maturing Kindly: The Concept of Adulting

Remember counting down the days until we were “grown”? We anticipated receiving the golden ticket of freedom and the right to say the world was our oyster. However, to our disadvantage, we would soon find out that with unlimited free-will comes harsh dues that none of us can truly say we were ready to pay. The most urgent one? A thorough evaluation of ourselves. On the surface, adulting consists of financial matters like paying our own bills and getting our own place to live, but it’s very possible to do “adult” things with a childish mindset. Maturing begins when we willingly choose to claim responsibility for our lives and work toward being our absolute best in every area of them. More sp

Kind Labor: Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

In our workplaces, a common goal is to master the position we’re currently in and move to the next level. We work relentlessly to prove our worth and dedication in hopes that our deeds will not go unnoticed, but our health and personal peace is sacrificed for recognition. How do we create an even exchange? A wise colleague told me I must “show out without burning out.” Here’s two ways to maintain excellence in our professional and social lives: 1. Balance is key Though our personal and professional lives are equally demanding, I’ve learned that our serenity takes precedence over our tasks. An easy way to implement this new habit is to make a “to-do” list each weekend for the following week.

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