How to Respond to an Employee Evaluation KINDLY

Responding to your supervisor's evaluation of your job performance is an opportunity for the two of you to engage in a fruitful discussion about your skills, expertise and your career. Although some evaluations are merely perfunctory narratives prepared by a supervisor and simply handed to an employee before an annual salary increase, many employers encourage employees to participate in the performance evaluation process through candid, two-way feedback during the meeting with a supervisor. Take advantage of the chance to learn more about your performance and how you're being rated by responding to your supervisor in a give-and-take fashion. Listen without Defensiveness Listen carefully to e

The Cure.

Are the words you speak a weapon or a cure? Like food nourishes our bodies, words nourish our spirits and bodies. The ones we say to ourselves, even silently and internally, as well as the ones told to us and about us, and the ones we say about others - they all hold power. If God created the world with words, I wonder what worlds we create with ours? Every negative word you speak leaves a mark, and every beautiful thing you say plants a seed, waters the garden, gathers the harvest. That doesn't mean that all your words need to be fluffy unicorn, cotton-candy words. Using your words to stand in the gap for someone is beautiful. Using your voice to finally tell your truth and seek jus

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