January 24, 2016


When I sit for interviews, or asked this question in person, half of me cringes and the other half is excited for the opportunity to spread KAE’s mission once again. You may hear “cringe” and think why? Well, because, “what is KAE?” is equivalent to the age old interv...

January 20, 2016



After talking to my cousin, we came up with the idea to make this thing called life more exciting by becoming the “Yes man”. For all of you who have not seen this movie, it stars Jim Carey who enrolls himself into a personal development program based on a very simple...

January 18, 2016

The truth is- life can take a lot out of a person. Whether it involves work, family, relationships of all types, etc., being kind can sometimes be the last thing that comes to mind. We all strive to be a good person, with good morals, true character, integrity, and res...

January 11, 2016

Phew. WE MADE IT….through the first week of the new year! Is it only us or did it feel like this week would never ever ever ever end?! Regardless of that, we are certainly blessed to have made it through the week and we do not take that blessing for granted. As we were...

January 2, 2016


May your coming year be filled with blessings and dreams. I hope you read amazing books, lose yourself in enlightening conversations, and remember each and every time God carried you through a difficult situation in 2015 and will believe He can and will do it again in...

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