May 29, 2016



Ed Bray stormed the beach at Normandy during World War II, earning two purple hearts. And yet, the toughest thing the 89-year-old said he had to face in his life was his illiteracy. For decades, Bray went to extraordinary efforts to keep his inability to read or writ...

May 22, 2016

We read this speech in 2012 and it hasn't left our minds since! We refer to this speech when thinking about our future and past accomplishments.It made such an impact that we thought we'd share with all of you who are either graduating this year, recently graduated, or...

May 15, 2016

KAE is BEYOND pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Kenae. We may be biased however, we think you're going to love her.

Get to know a little more about her below!


1. Finish this sentence, "by looking at me, you'd never know that......."

I am excited about b...

May 8, 2016


Mom, today is your day.
Today is your day because 364 days you make it our day. You selflessly care for each of us in ways that only a mother could.
And as the world looks to the women in their lives that have meant so much to them, I look to you Mom and see someone w...

May 1, 2016


I don't know about you all but when I find a good online read, I am thrilled. Now, I know books are a lost art that many are trying to bring back, which I agree 100% however, the other day I came across Thryve Magazine and I have been connected ever since. The mission...

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