Alicia Patten
Jun 14, 2017

6 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd


Edited: Jun 17, 2017



  • Always keep your own ideas and preferences in mind. Because we tend to distort our memories to fit the group's, you want to be sure you can stick to your own story. You don’t have to write down your thoughts, just keep them at the forefront of your mind when you enter into discussions with people who you know will express beliefs or ideas contrary to your own.

  • Recognize how much it hurts to disagree with others, especially when you are a very lonely minority of one. There’s no denying that it’s easier to go along with the group, and it can be painful—if not isolating—to do so. On the other hand, consider how much it hurts to give up your values when you’re being urged or coerced to go along with others who you think are leading you in the wrong direction.

  • Be aware of the pull to look or behave like those whom you perceive to be of higher status than yourself. Those Jimmy Choos will harm your feet when worn on a regular basis, and even though you see everyone else prancing around in high heels, you can reassure yourself with the knowledge that you’ll be less likely to pay the price in terms of your long-term health.

  • Find others who agree with you to help you feel better about yourself. That tendency to conform will often lead like-minded people to stick together. Although this can create rifts in society as a whole, on a smaller scale you can at least prevent yourself from feeling like a complete social isolate when you're a minority of one.

  • Use your individuality judiciously. It’s probably not a great idea to voice disparate political, religious, or social values in situations where you know you’ll be shouted down or ostracized. It’s probably also not wise to state opinions that you know will offend someone. If a group is going to vote on a potentially divisive issue, such as when work-based committees must decide on hiring decisions, ask for a secret ballot.

  • Determine when standing out from the crowd will be beneficial. If you know everyone in your group wears black to every single social event, and you’d like to be noticed, wear the color that you truly feel looks best on you.  

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  • Alicia Patten
    Jun 14, 2017

    1. Take photos in natural light, with no flash. This cannot be stressed enough. No one appreciates seeing your grainy, flashed picture in their feed, especially if you’re a business or brand. Take photos during the day and position your subject near a window or in a well-lit room. Below is how I often have my “mini studio” set up (spoiler: it’s just two pieces of foam board on a small table, more about that in #2). 2. Invest in a few supplies. Sounds simple enough, right? Don’t underestimate what a few simple, cheap items can do for stepping up your ‘gram game. I prefer to have 2 pieces of white foam board  (available in a 10-pack via Amazon Prime) and 2 pieces of matte black tag board (available at your local Target) on hand at all times. I also have a few pieces of foam board that I’ve applied black ($11.31, Amazon) and white ($10.99, Amazon) marble contact paper to. I know you thought all bloggers had houses full of marble counter-tops, but we don’t! I also suggest having Mounting Putty on hand—-you’d be surprised how often it saves the day (i.e. keeping a bottle of lotion positioned just right and not rolling away, or to stick a piece of tagboard to the wall for a photo). Armed with these tools you’ll notice immense improvement in your Instagrams. 3. Play with texture and proportion. Toss a towel in the background. Layer some flowers behind your subject. It also pays to invest in things like a remnant piece of marble, old cutting boards or pieces of fabric. Look at the examples below. In example one I am taking the photo straight on with no texture in the background. In photo two I have added texture with a simple tea towel, am shooting more from above, and have altered the proportion so that the bowl is in the left of the frame. 5. Feature photos from your fans, vendors or other partners.  Another great way to bulk up your feed with beautiful images is to regram images that you/your brand/your product are tagged in. I suggest doing this sparingly (1-3 times per week, max) so as not to annoy your followers with recycled content. The number one rule here is not to use a regramming app. Or, use a regram app but don’t include any watermarks or overlays (seriously, everyone hates that). You will find that your fans are typically ecstatic to have their content shared (especially if you have a large audience) but I insist that you give them proper credit in your photo caption (so important) and I also suggest commenting on their original photo 1-2 days in advance to ask for permission. Brands who do this well and serve as good examples for how to properly regram a photo are Target and One Love Organics : 6. Show your fans something new . A lot of brands tend to show their products on instagram, and that’s great, but your fans will also enjoy seeing behind the scenes. Show them how the product was made. Snap a photo of the messy development meeting. Show images from your everyday life. Your fans want to get acquainted with you and your brand and this is a fun way to connect with them on a more personal level. A few notes on etiquette: First, don’t take images from the internet and post them on Instagram as your own. Ever. If you’re sharing a photo or image that you did not personally take/design it should be credited properly in the caption. Second, remember that Instagram is a photography app, and the majority of your feed should be actual photos. It’s hard to entirely avoid sharing graphic designs or layouts (especially for brands) but just keep in mind that the majority of your feed should be photographs and share graphic content sparingly. This is a brief guide to improving your feed, but it’s a good place to start!  If you’re struggling to manage your business’s social media, a quick 1-on-1 with me or a social media specialist in your area might make all the difference. Along with training you on how to use the platform, a social media specialist can also help you develop a strategy and put it into action. You can find me on Instagram right here  and I’d love to have you follow along. Article from
  • Alicia Patten
    Jun 14, 2017

    Body Language This is a no-brainer, but look approachable! Maintain eye contact and engage yourself with the other person. Talking with your hands and nodding occasionally always makes you look interested. But if it doesn’t come super naturally, don’t force it. You don’t want to look like you’re conducting an orchestra. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone with wandering eyes and crossed arms. When at an event, there are so many people to talk to! But while conversing with someone, give the person your full attention and never look around to see who you should talk to next.  Appearance Dress the part and look nice.  Albert Mehrabian  conducted experiments on communication and came up with the 7%-38%-55% rule. In a conversation, three elements of communication determine whether we like the person talking: words (7%), tone of voice (38%), and body language & appearance (55%). The latter shows that appearance really does matter! Bond Over Common Interests According to the  Similarity Attraction Hypothesis , our brains are wired to like people similar to us so naturally, talking about common interests with someone else is probably the easiest way to bond. Talking about something you are both interested in makes you seem more relatable and approachable. We all love talking about ourselves so do most of the questioning while allowing the other person to do the answering.  Who Are You? You’ve heard this question since your very first job interview and at first, it probably sounded something like “Um.. I’m a high school student who loves this and that and I’m looking to get a job at your company.” Hopefully it’s gotten better since, but the  “who are you” question should be mastered . When given 30 seconds to introduce yourself, you want to seem interesting and know what you’re talking about. It quickly gives others a general idea about what you do as a living and what your personality is like. People will also be able to remember you quickly and know what resources you can offer. Lasting Impression When you’re ending the conversation, tell them how great it was meeting them. Saying their name shows them you care and will make them feel good! If you think this person could potentially be a future business partner/mentor/new bestie,  exchange business cards ! It’ll give you both something concrete to keep and refer back to! Article from


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