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KAE Chats With Amandy Fernandez

If you’ve seen the Run The World (Girls) music video, Mrs. Carter World Tour, and Formation World Tour, then it’s not hard to miss the passionate Amandy Fernandez. The Dominican-born, New York-raised dancer believes that through hard work, anything is possible.

Fernandez didn’t start dancing until the age of 21, but one couldn’t tell through the fluidity of her movements. She got her chance to dance for Queen Bey when she participated in a choreography showcase back in 2011, after the Run The World (Girls) visual released. She described being nervous to dance in front of the legendary pop empress, but made an outstanding impression that she would be a featured dancer in two of Mrs. Carter’s tours. Fernandez also noted that the best part of touring is the family she makes—and dancing, of course, telling Latin Times, “I met a beautiful group of ladies and we traveled the world and got to do what I loved.”

Fernandez, who studied cosmetology, also teaches choreography back in New York when she’s not on stage busting her fierce moves in front of millions. Most importantly, however, she wants Latinas to know that however strenuous it might be, enduring the difficulties of achieving your dreams is worth it in the end. Her advice to the Latino community? “Know yourself and know who you are and always keep that dream in your vision.” Check out the full interview here.


Follow Amandy to see what she does next:

IG: am4ndy620

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