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Write The Vision: Health and Wellness

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Since April showers bring May flowers, I made a promise to myself to take the time to re-evaluate and rejuvenate my life and start my "glo-up" from the inside out. This month's blogs will be a series dedicated to "writing the vision" for our lives and putting our faith into action to get there. Although we are thankful for our lives, I can attest to taking my health for granted. Adding unnecessary stress, accepting chips and chocolate as a meal (don't judge me :) ) and allowing my relationship with Christ to become barely recognizable. In order to continue to live the life God has designed for me, I need to treat my body as the temple Christ created it to be. Strong, majestic and unwavering; in mind, body and soul. In your free time, jot down ways to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health and spend some time in prayer. The biggest mountain can be moved, we just have to make the push.

Live Loved.


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