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Looking Within

To many of us, happiness is a secret treasure filled with magical power. We search high and low to obtain it, in our jobs, love lives and material rewards, only to find ourselves more lost than we were before. Unfortunately, the only place it’s found is a place we’ve never thought to look.

Here’s three tips on how to find happiness within yourself.

1. Choose To Be Happy

We often underestimate the power of our thoughts, but we shouldn’t dismiss our ability to manifest the type of life we want to have. All it takes is making the decision to change it. Speak life into yourself and declare you’re not living in regret anymore. Use your setbacks as a set up for your comeback and leave bitterness in the dust.

2. Put In The Work.

If we desire results, we have to put in the work. Maintaining a positive disposition can be an uncomfortable feat, but it is not impossible. We burn ourselves out trying to please others before ourselves, when we’re the most in need of affection. To put our transformation into practice, I encourage us to develop a morning routine. Buying some flowers to stare at when you wake up, reading a devotional or getting in 15 minutes of yoga to center yourself before you start your day is essential for a happier mood. While these are not the only things you can do, discovering your pleasures boosts your self-love, puts you in a different place emotionally and makes it easier to serve others.

3. Relate, Release, Resist.

Choosing happiness doesn’t mean that our problems and aggravations melt away, it means the way we react to them builds solid character within us. It’s perfectly fine to be upset about things that happen in your day, but we cannot allow it to fester and ruin the positive outlook we’ve worked so hard for. A great way to manage our emotions is to “Relate, Release and Resist.” When troubles come our way, relating allows us to acknowledge the moment and feel whatever vibes are necessary. Releasing says “this hurts, however, the moment has passed. How will I spend the rest of my day?” Lastly, resisting confirms that we will dedicate our time to finding positive aspects of the situation, being kind to the person or whomever we come across and making a positive difference no matter what attempts to stop us.

Though we can’t change others, reinventing ourselves is an attainable challenge. Setting standards for your life and the things you will no longer entertain, opens the door for a fresh outlook, giving you the strength to let things go. No one has the power to rain on your parade unless you let them. And to completely honest, you are all the sunshine you’ll ever need.

Moments matter.


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