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Never worried. Never hurried.


One of my girlfriends posted this on Instagram today and it was calming. Reading it, it was everything I am and want to be at the same time.

How many times do we feel defeated when we are told no?

How many times do we feel like we need to hurriedly act on interactions or new opportunities?

Use this post as a reminder that we cannot be everything to everyone, all the time. We can only be ourselves and trust that God will do the rest. May we walk in truth, power and most importantly, patience, this week.

Life is incredibly complex and it's hard to not feel like if we aren't told yes or if we do not act quickly, we'll miss it all. I am a strong believer in 'what is for me will not and cannot pass me by' if my actions are honest and my heart is pure.

So, take a breather, hit pause and begin again.

This time, selectively and confidently.

Live loved.


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