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Day 2: Find Your Tribe.

Growing up, I believed popularity is the best thing on earth. If I had tons of friends and people wanted to be around me, then that meant I was doing it right. But growing pains allowed me to see that less people equaled more peace.

Having a massive amount of friends isn’t a bad thing, in fact having any amount of friends is a gift, but I began to get serious about maintaining quality over quantity, because I was so happy to bring people along for the journey that I didn’t inspect the baggage they carried first.

One night, after rambling to God about the things going on my life, I asked to find a tribe. A group of like-minded individuals who would enhance my life in every way possible. They would pray with me, for me and call me out when I needed it. My struggles would be met with compassion instead of judgement. I’d be inspired to level up because they settled for nothing but the best in their lives, and the love I gave would be welcomed and protected, instead of taken advantage of. And our group chat would be lit! (haha)

Today, I encourage you to define your tribe. Pray for your current and future tribe. Become intentional about the kind of energy you want in your life and claim it as if it were already yours. Once you find them, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

- Mel

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