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Favorite for Fall: 'Kindness Above Credentials'

If I asked you to close your eyes and name your favorite thing about fall, one might say the leaf-covered streets or the taste of creamy soups and pumpkin flavored lattes. For me, the chance to thoroughly showcase my style makes my world go round.

During summer, our fashion choices tend to be simplified for the sake of keeping cool, but lower temperatures invite us to layer and accessorize until we’re content. If you’re unsure of where to begin, KAE Collection is a perfect start. With sweatshirts and beanies that keep us culture-conscious and warm, there’s plenty of options to choose from and I’ll be covering my top 5 pieces all week.

Being that my classroom and schools of every level will be filled with students soon, our “Kindness Above Credentials” sweatshirt provides my go-to slogan when the kids need a confidence booster. In life, we’re taught, both consciously and subconsciously, that a person’s title determines how much respect they’re owed. However, the importance of great character gets lost in the need to assert credentials first. Climbing to the highest heights of our education and obtaining our dream job is always an excellent goal, yet we can’t forget that our qualifications aren’t the only thing that seals the deal. Humility takes us places hustling can’t.

On a CurlBOX podcast episode, 'Winning with KINDNESS: Joanna Simkin', CurlBOX creator Myleik Teele sits down with Celebrity Makeup Artist Joanna Simkin. On this episode, Joanna is asked if attitude can determine career longevity. Joanna immediately agrees stating, “It’s sort of like 50 percent of how well you do your job and 50 percent of do people want you around while you do your job? There’s so many makeup artists...there’s so many people that would be a receptionist, there’s so many librarians. Do I want to be with you for a full shift?”

Aside from our own professional goals, anyone in any position is deserving of the utmost kindness and sincerity and no one should be considered less than because they’re called to a different purpose. Be the person who makes others feel valued at any level. Their worth doesn’t come with a price.

Style tip: Wear this sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers for a daytime look, switch to a skirt and platform boots for a date night soirée. Tag us in your pic when you do!

Check back tomorrow.


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