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Kind Labor: Be Assertive

Though we’re grateful to have them, the workplace can be a host of frustration, unheard opinions, and underrepresented culture. When I am ridden with anger, I am often told “if you can’t change your situation, change your perspective. A surefire way to introduce a positive mind set is by being assertive.

As aggressive as it may sound at first, assertiveness is nothing of the sort. It is simply empowering yourself by making your beliefs and opinions known in a respectful way.

The sentiment “if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will” rings especially true in this situation. If being speaking up seems difficult, I invite you to see your thoughts as precious nuggets of gold. Our opinions m

atter. Our thoughts matter. Our actions matter. When we rise above our fears and exert confidence in our views, we establish a standard that shows people how to treat us. Not only in our workplaces, but in our daily relationships as well. Minimizing our values to keep the peace diminishes our worth, and silences our voice.

Once we’ve mastered gaining the courage to express our truths, we might find ourselves helping others express theirs. In doing so, we lend a hand in getting a point across that wasn’t fully understood and build confidence in the next person to say what’s on their hearts.

Fear and faith are not housed in the same frame of mind.

Today, let’s make a pledge to step out of our comfort zones and make our desires known.

- Mel

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