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Maturing Kindly: A Healthy Lifestyle

When we’re young, we believe we’re going to live forever. With time on our side, there’s no limit to the foods we eat or cocktails our bodies consume. Yet as we gain more years under our belts, we solemnly realize that couldn’t be further from the truth. While we can’t obtain the fountain of youth, here’s three ways to keep our bodies in the best shape we can muster: 

1. Check for any hereditary illnesses 

Due to our families, we inherit our wondrous looks and some personality traits. Unfortunately, we can also obtain their health concerns as well. At your disposal, take some time to interview your parents and do some digging into your family tree. Though physical health is often the priority, if you’re comfortable inquiring about mental health, go as deep as you’re allowed. Schedule a routine check up with your physician and get examined for any potential red flags and anything else that concerns you. If there is a problem or potential concern, develop a plan for prevention or treatment. 

Don’t avoid it. 

2. Maintain a sensible diet

Food can mean many things for us. Whether it be a reward, a stress-reliever, or a guilty pleasure, we must come to the realization that the foods we love, may not necessarily love us. One of the biggest hang ups we face when dieting is our willingness to give up what we know isn’t good for us. So if you’re not strong enough to go cold turkey, pick two to three days during the week where you don’t eat (or drink) the food you’re struggling with, and replace it with a healthy alternative. For example, I struggle with frequently drinking soda. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday’s, I trade soda for infused sparkling water or plain water. By doing this, I get the same result as I would with regular soda, but my body feels better afterward. 

3. Exercise 

Adequate exercise doesn’t have to equal a gym membership, we just need to be active! 

Consider parking a little farther away from your destination so you’re forced to walk longer. Take a soul cycle class with your friends to maximize your quality time. Turn on music for a few hours and dance the night away. However you choose, make sure it provides joy while making you sweat. 

At any age, you deserve to feel content with yourself in every way. Let’s keep our temples powerful and polished for as long as possible. 

Live loved.


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