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Our Crush = YOU

As February begins and professions of love are displayed in the most extravagant ways, we couldn’t go another day without letting our customers know how much we appreciate you! You are the wind beneath our wings and though we could never count all the ways you inspire us, here are three things we love most about you:

1. Your desire for change

When our founder Alicia dreamed of KAE Collection on a civic engagement trip to Uganda, Africa, she imagined a movement that would ignite a flame in someone’s heart by a simple smile or a message that confirmed their life was valuable by another kind gesture. Because of you, her dream is now a living legacy. We are surrounded by customers who yearn for improvements to our world, provide hope for those who have lost their way, and recognize that love is the universal cure to all wounds. You stand for inclusiveness and trade tolerance for respect. Daily, we thrive from your energy.

2. Your actions speak volumes

Love is an action word, and you never hesitate to share it with every walk of life you encounter. All stories we receive telling of your acts of kindness assure us that we’re doing divinely inspired work and we’re on the right track. Whether you encourage everyone you meet or just rock your favorite KAE attire, KAE customers are pioneers of change. One by one, you make a seemingly impossible feat possible.