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KAE was interviewed by Tessa Smith, Narrative Designer and Consultant as part of her 'Feedback February' series. You can read her amazingly well written post here!  

The Arts of Humanity is a 501(c)(3) organization that CARES about teaching, developing, and recognizing creative humanitarians. KAE Collection was chosen as an honoree for using its brand and items to advance the world.

We asked real KAE shoppers to tell us why they've decided to be a KAE customer. In asking our customers this question, we met Tracie. Watch this clip to hear her story that inspires KAE to continue being more than just a brand. Send us a video telling us why you wear KAE and be  featured on our website!

KAE Collection on MarvyTV 


MarvyTV spoke with the founders of KAE Collection during her segment of "How They Did It!" to hear more about their story and what inspires them.







 to read more about KAE in this insightful interview with journalist, Rashieda Witter.

KAE was featured in Westchester Magzine! Visit to read more about KAE.

KAE was chosen by blogger Jasmine Marie and featured as The Journ3y's "Dope Find of the Week!" 

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