Our JOYful KAE Ambassador!

We have two new KAE Brand Ambassadors and we are thrilled. If you have not met Esoshani Barton from NY, you can read all about her here! Read our Q&A below with our newest Brand Ambassador, Joy Craufurd, who is spreading kindness in Australia! What brings you the greatest joy? In all honesty... it’s all the little things in life. Coming home from a long day at work and seeing my beautiful Mama smile at me through the window, happy that I am home. The sound of the wind chimes outside on the patio. Seeing how my best friends are with their children, they’re all such amazing parents. Hearing their kids say “Auntie Joy-Joy” as they run to me. Seeing that there is still kindness in the world, tha

If people aren't nice, it doesn't matter how smart they are.

This interview with Patrik Hellstrand, CEO at by CHLOE + Founder & Author at thrivewired + Advisor at KingsCrowd, is part of Inspirations, a regular series from Helen Lao and ClearPath that asks extraordinary founders, executives, and rising stars in the growth-oriented food industry about their why. (Article from LinkedIn.) Who or what inspires you and why? Entrepreneurs inspire me for two reasons: - Their self-motivation and ability to push themselves to learn and evolve, often without any incentive or anyone else pushing them; - Their resilient mindset of dealing with failure, realizing that it's not final, nor fatal. What types of people do you work best with and why? I work best, and on

KAE's BOLD Brand Ambassador!

1. Who is Eso? I am kind, empathetic and loving. I am bold in all areas of my life, faith, fashion, and actions. I have a lifestyle blog, work in beauty and administration and love all things creative. I am always looking for ways to be of service to others and growing as a human being. My favorite color is orange which captures the essence of my character: I can be bright and bubbly like a marigold or sophisticated and reserved like chrysanthemum. 2. What inspired you to create your own blog and who is your audience? When I was 19 years old I started losing my hair. It was a pivotal time in my development. I had many questions and few places to turn. As I came to love a new version of myse

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