Maturing Kindly: Expressing Gratitude

Thanksgiving may be over but gratitude should never end. The concept of gratefulness was introduced to me very early in my childhood. During our annual thanksgiving dinner, we would join hands with another family member or friend and form a prayer circle. As each of us spoke what we were thankful for, I recall feeling anxiety about what I was going to say because I feared my reasoning wouldn’t be as good as the sentiments before mine. With the assurance of a gentle squeeze, I uttered my truth. Whether my testimony was one sentence or three, each year I gained more courage to express my happiness for making it to another level in my life. Because of that experience, I’ve learned three ways to

Maturing Kindly: A Healthy Lifestyle

When we’re young, we believe we’re going to live forever. With time on our side, there’s no limit to the foods we eat or cocktails our bodies consume. Yet as we gain more years under our belts, we solemnly realize that couldn’t be further from the truth. While we can’t obtain the fountain of youth, here’s three ways to keep our bodies in the best shape we can muster: 1. Check for any hereditary illnesses Due to our families, we inherit our wondrous looks and some personality traits. Unfortunately, we can also obtain their health concerns as well. At your disposal, take some time to interview your parents and do some digging into your family tree. Though physical health is often the priority,

Vote, Stickers and KAE.

Regardless of who/what you are voting for, it is your right and we support and encourage everyone to do the things that they are passionate about. And to do them KINDLY. We aren't going to bombard you with political party information. However, we WILL share some other voting-related information we think you'd like! 1. Vote today and get free shipping on your next KAE order! We'll send you a super cute coupon code to use and share with your friends! What you need to do: - VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! - Snap a pic of you and your sticker (double points if you vote WEARING KAE!) with the reason why you voted and DM us on IG, Facebook or Twitter! (If you are unable to vote, we welcome you too! Enter 'iVote

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