KAE's FAQs Answered.

What is KAE Collection? KAE, an acronym for “kindness above everything” is a clothing brand that promotes the message of kindness through its items. Are the sweatshirts true to size or do they run a little bigger? Since the sweatshirts are unisex, each size does run just a bit larger to accommodate for both male and female fit. Will the items be available in plus size soon? Our largest size is XL however, as we begin to partner with other great organizations and companies, we hope to be able to expand our collection to include plus sizes. Do you plan to have pop up shops in any other cities? At the moment, nothing is on the schedule. However, the thought is not completely out of the pic

Conversing with Curtrice.

It is no surprise that we are fans of Curtrice Williams. From first glance. she is insightful, intelligent, gentle and sure. The Author & Co Founder of Gentlewomenhood has hit the road running and we are blessed to be able to have peripheral view of her journey. We were able to snag some of her time and ask her questions to gain entry into her mind, her life, and plans for her future. We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. Enjoy! 1. Although we are very aware of who you are, for those who are not part of your 100K+ followers on social media, who is Curtrice L. Williams? Curtrice L. Williams, it’s funny how saying my name out loud in this season of my life makes me smile. I am

'No' is a Holy Word.

We saw this on one of our favorite IG accounts, @pocketfuel, and HAD to share! "Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose." - Proverbs 18:21 (MSG) . We can sometimes be convinced that the secret password to living a wondrous life is a small three letter word: yes. And that whenever opportunity comes knocking at our door, we should always answer with it. . Tell me: how many times does opportunity knock on your door? It might be more than you think. . Friends Events Meetings Overtime Services Cleaning Listening Playing Exercising Learning Reading Shows Fun Dinner Lunch Breakfast Sickness Birthdays Chores . Saying yes to everything is to r

A Whole New You.

Recently, "What the Health" has caused quite the stir in the health and wellness world. Challenging us to question almost every delectable thing we've grown to know and love, it broke my heart and left me scrambling for other options. Fortunately, my answer wasn't far away and came in the form of two words: Tia Mowry. Her book "Whole New You" showed a medium between going to the extreme and going vegan and being blind to habits I needed to change. Here are 3 reasons to read and become a "Whole New You": 1. It is raw, real, and relatable. Many of us don't practice or maintain good health because the advice seems too difficult to obtain and comes from people who don't relate to our lifestyles.

Pretty Hurts.

Loving ourselves the way God made us is tough. Between TV, social media and the unsolicited advice of those around us, it’s easier to believe we’re inferior than to simply accept that we were made in God's image and we are perfectly fine the way we are. And I was no exception. Contrary to popular belief, being naturally thin is no accomplishment. In my opinion, it was a thorn in my side I couldn’t wait to get rid of. During my freshman year of high school, I dreaded PE. I was “athletically-challenged” and each sport I played brought out a more embarrassing dose of failure than the one before it. Fortunately, my silver lining finally shined when the teacher named our new activity for the wee

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