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We're going to get through this.

Hello, everyone! It’s been a little while since we sent out our last blog post and with everything going on, we felt it was imperative that we touch base with everyone and see how all of our KAE family members are feeling. The past few weeks have been filled with every emotion - fear, hope, sadness, and anxiety to name a few. We hope you all are taking your government’s guidelines of social distancing and quarantining very seriously! We all must work together in order for things to get better.

As you know, KAE always speaks about our firm belief in God, so it wouldn’t be right to not practice what we preach during these trying times. The bottom line is this: everything is uncertain right now and you might be feeling helpless. But, remember that in moments like these, we leave our unknown future to an all-knowing God. Keeping faith in God, along with following all the necessary guidelines is what will keep us safe and healthy!

How are you guys dealing with being home 24/7? If you’re an introvert, you’re probably flourishing, lol! However, for many this can be a hard & lonely time.

Here are 5 things we’re doing to keep calm and sane:

1.Using this free time to delve into projects we’ve always wanted to complete or find new hobbies! Whether that means organizing that junk drawer that’s been busting at the seams or trying a new recipe, now’s the time to try something new! Create a ‘quarantine calendar,’ and try to have at least 3 new activities on it each week.

2. Practicing Self Care. Give yourself a manicure, pedicure or facial! Or do all three! Do something different with your hair! Find some quiet time to cuddle up with a good book! Pray, read your Bible and/or meditate! It’s easy to lose focus and feel like everything is working against you. Trust God to keep you uplifted and bring you through to the other side of everything going on.

3. Social Media Cleanse. We all know what’s going on and it can be mentally draining to have all these different channels of information thrown at you daily- especially when delivering negative news. Take a break for 24 hours. You’ll feel so much better. Ask your family and friends to refrain from sending you news articles for the day, as well.

4. Exercise! Being at home all day, every day means that we are going to be much more sedentary than we are used to. That, plus dipping into our quarantine snacks 10 times per day, will leave u