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12 Things to Do for a Better Work Week

Some days, we’re really motivated at work, eat super healthy meals, feel naturally energized even without a 2 pm coffee. Other days, we’re counting down until 5 pm while putting off our to-do list, grabbing a Chipotle burrito for lunch (you do know guac is extra, but this day calls for it) and having our 2 pm coffee at 1:30. Many of us call these days “life.”

Whether you’re looking to be healthier, get happier, or just trying to feel like you’re kinda doing the adult thing right, there are tips and tricks you could do today that will give you the kind of happy, motivated, healthy days that Elle Woods felt post-trial.

Here are a few things you can do today to have a better week.

1. Make your bed

It’s just a minor step in your day, but it makes a huge difference in your life, according to Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World. Completing a small task first thing in the morning will make you feel accomplished, setting the tone for the rest of your day and your week. If it’s a weekend, consider changing your sheets and washing your pillowcases and blankets — clean bedding is the perfect fresh start for the week ahead.

2. Select a Mantra

Whether you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, or you need a go-to quote or scripture that provides a little pick-me-up when the workday gets busy, choose one that you connect with, and repeat it to yourself when you need it throughout the week. Write it and put it in a place that you see every morning, as soon as you wake up. Ours is on our chalkboard wall in our room. As soon as our eyes open, we are met with Psalm 143:8, 'Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.' A beautiful reminder that we have our plans but the Lord has His steps so enter each day, trusting the process.

3. Meal prep veggies

Even if you’re not a big meal prepper, having veggies ready throughout the week will ensure that you choose healthy options, even when you’re in a pinch. Chop up cauliflower, dice onions, and wash lettuce to save you time during the week. Cooking healthy recipes has never been easier! If you are an avid meal prepper, spend a couple of free hours making delicious and healthy