Self-care: Positioned On Purpose

As we embrace the holidays and the end of another year, its easy to find ourselves in a state of review. Even if our self-love cups runneth over, the comments of well-meaning family & friends can cause us to question the lifestyles we’ve come to value. How do we stay the course? Remember that you are positioned on purpose. For each race, life assigns a different route. It may cause us to go faster than others in certain areas or take a road less traveled while our peers cruise past us to their next milestone. However, instead of relishing in the scenery, we succumb to the beliefs of spectators and obsess over how far we have to go, sprinting into things we weren’t ready for. Ideally, our lov

Self Care: Addressing Unworthiness

In a world that teaches us to pick ourselves apart, we’ve learned to partake in the rebellion of self-love. We’ve embraced the importance of self reflection, but what about those areas in which we deny ourselves grace? We hide in shame about obstacles we’ve deemed unforgivable and invite unworthiness to speak doom over our lives. Here are three ways to win a seemingly lost battle: 1. Forgive yourself. A pivotal moment in repentance is to turn away from the things that are holding us back. However, we can’t dismiss something we’ve never acknowledged. We search our memory banks and fight to take secrets to our graves when they might be the very thing that’s sending us there. I challenge you to

Self Care: Extending Grace

We live to make perfection an attainable goal. We work tirelessly in our careers, faiths, and personal lives so that we may one day graduate from “diamond in the rough” to 'certified and polished'. Naturally, we want to maintain an immaculate reputation, but what happens when we relax and a flaw becomes visible? Before we second-guess our purpose and demean our capabilities, let’s consider extending grace to ourselves. One of my favorite quotes from my pastor is “mercy saves us from what we deserve, grace blesses us in spite of what we deserve.” Maybe you were late on a paper but your teacher gave you an opportunity to get it in without penalty. Maybe you were short a substantial amount for

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