Angels exist--here's our proof.

24 Teary-Eyed Stories You Must Read About the Touching Kindness of Strangers The Man at the Market When the supermarket clerk tallied up my groceries, I was $12 over what I had on me. I began to remove items from the bags, when another shopper handed me a $20 bill. “Please don’t put yourself out,” I told him. “Let me tell you a story,” he said. “My mother is in the hospital with cancer. I visit her every day and bring her flowers. I went this morning, and she got mad at me for spending my money on more flowers. She demanded that I do something else with that money. So, here, please accept this. It is my mother’s flowers.” Leslie Wagner, Peel, Arkansas Jim and the Job My neighbor, Jim, had

KAE for Kobe.

Dear Kobe, Thank you for playing basketball. No. Thank you for playing the heck out of basketball. Those two sentences are very different and the difference can only be understood when we fully grasp how much you loved playing basketball. You loved it. We felt it. You understood basketball in a way that allowed us to quickly pin your name to every successful shot we made in the privacy of our homes. Rolls up paper. Throws paper in basket. KOBE! Finishes water. Grabs empty water bottle with gusto. Steps back. Makes shot. KOBE! Our make-believe fans always went wild. “Kobe” is not only a noun, but a verb. Many have spoke about you and how you inspired them to be a better father, a better athle

Four Books for the Business Minded Go-Getter

There comes a time when you find yourself yearning for a motivational book for your life or career. We have compiled a list of 5 bookshelf musthaves that will not only inspire and motivate you but they will give you the tools you need to jumpstart your passion. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso Sophia Amoruso is often called the cinderella of tech due the online merchandising success of Nastygal. Sophia truly started from the ground up, building a multi million dollar company from selling various clothes and items on Ebay. #GirlBoss will motivate you, make you laugh, and teach you to trust your instincts when diving into any project. Is Everyone hanging out with Me by Mindy Kaling Sometime persona

Main Motivations.

My name is Gary Coach. I am an up and coming music producer/musician based out of Brooklyn, NY. I am also the founder of Destiny Music Group, an eclectic worship group. Ministry and music are two of my passions and love and kindness are two of my main motivations. I believe that when love is your motivation, everything else will fall into place. We need to celebrate love more often. Appreciate its presence and understand its power. A simple act of love and kindness can change someone's whole life around. Kindness is the only way we can combat a lot of the hatred and anger we have in the world, especially where this world seems to be headed. I was taught right from wrong through many experie

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