Kindness is cool.

"However you wish to be treated by others is how you should treat everyone else." - Luke 6:31 KAE saw this story and could not help but smile. It is stories like these that fuel our strong belief in "kindness above everything". For everyone. Always and in ALL ways. ............................................ A few weeks ago, when I picked up my seven-year-old boy from school, he jumped in the car, and before I could ask him anything, he excitedly blurted out: . “Mum, I gave my lunch money change to a Kindy (prep) boy!” . He was so excited, the story burst from his lips and filled the car with energy. But somehow, I missed the point. . “You WHAT?” I replied. “Dude, I need that money f

Kind Travels.

When we travel, we accept the invitation to grow. Whether it’s a new destination or somewhere we’ve been a million times, it provides a chance to escape our reality and tap into the realities of others, leaving us forever changed in ways we never thought possible. For today’s post, the members of KAE wanted to share our most influential trips with you. Check it out! Alicia: In regards to influential places, I would have to say Jamaica and Uganda. My family is Jamaican and we have been visiting for as long as I can remember. Traveling to Jamaica for so many years taught me the beauty of living authentically. From the moment I step off the plane into Jamaica, I am immediately and consistently


"Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose."- Proverbs 18:21 (MSG) I’ve always been a Debbie-downer (sorry Debbie’s everywhere) when it comes to myself. The rhetoric I’ve repeated around my personhood has been (but not limited to): You look funny You need to do more Your stomach is ugly You’re a junior in life who’ll never graduate It’s your fault Be more. I’ve written myself thousands of notes, and not many of them have been kind, or holy, or even fun. After years of stress, anxiety and a string of difficult circumstances, my body, mind, and heart, went on strike. I’ve been walking out of adrenal fatigue for a while (almost there) now. Which in the past, in

Come on, be honest.

"As we grow up and discover who we truly are...we start to see that we have always known. We begin to recognize what we truly want and need. As we become more in alignment with ourselves and start to get really connected to our soul... Our life needs to shift with these discoveries and desires. • There can often be a disconnect between the life we're living and the evolution of desires. The human condition is interesting because although the natural state for us is to be connected to ourselves and our truth... We will live our whole lives disconnected from it so not as to disturb those around us for fear of disrupting their lives... And for fear of disrupting our own. • Often we've alrea


"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."- Hebrews 13:16 You can’t really expect too much from someone who’s in trouble. If someone is drowning, or is stuck on a cliff ledge, they’re not going to take you out for dinner or say nice things to you or help you with your project. They’re too busy trying to climb up the cliff, keep their head above water, not die. The people who can take you out for dinner, say nice things to you, and help you with your projects can do so because they have enough to give. Generosity isn’t cheap or shallow. It takes effort, and you have something to be able to give something. It requires the emotional and sp

Relationships 101.

It's easy to get into the habit of convincing others of why you deserve their friendship, love, attention, etc. Live loved and exist within the truth that you are designed by God. Knowing this sheds light on your responsibility to reflect His light in the kindest way possible. Relationships seasoned and guided by God will never require you to replace your peace with another person's presence. That is not how fruitful relationships work. Live loved. KAE

More Than Conquerors: Life Lessons From Breast Cancer Survivors

Recently, I got the chance to spend the day at the American Cancer Society (ACS) to help prep for a breast cancer fundraiser. As I spray painted wine bottles pink and decorated them with elegant ribbons, I absorbed wisdom from other women who’d come to help. Fortunately, most of them being survivors or “close calls” of breast cancer. I began to think of members of my family who had also battled this disease and became instantly inspired to take on the world because of their bravery. Whether you have any experience with breast cancer or not, here are two ways these survivors have equipped us to be more than conquerors: 1. Let your circumstances fuel your victory, not your defeat. Often, when


“Friendships are like plowed open fields ready for growth. What we plant is what will grow. If we plant seeds of reassurance, blessing, and love, we reap a great harvest of security. Of course, if we plant seeds of backbiting, questioning, and doubt, we reap a great harvest of insecurity.” ― Lysa TerKeurst, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions Live loved. KAE

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