There’s Room For Everyone.

Over the weekend, people from all walks of life witnessed the reign of Black Panther. Though the movie provided the thrills that we’d expect from any superhero movie, Marvel’s newest blockbuster brought empathy to the forefront and unified audiences like never before. After absorbing Wakanda’s regal wonder for a second time, I was filled with a sudden anxiety for others who watched the film. I hoped that the messages in the movie wouldn’t be too much for some to handle. I prayed the true origins of the black community would be admired and blaze a trail for all ethnicities to be represented in ways that dispel the stereotypes we’re known by. Why? Because accurate representation matters. Unfor

3 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Valentine!

February 14th, the day where love abounds and the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” rings true more than ever. However, roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate have become the staple exception to the rule when our creativity should be flowing at its highest. Here’s 3 out-of-the-box valentines gifts that will rock your sweetheart’s world. 1. Love Note Jar Instead of whispering sweet nothings, write love notes that your valentine will always treasure. Grab some notebook paper and write a single compliment on each note. This is a great way to mix memories, affirmations and things you appreciate the most about your partner in one unforgettable gift. For maximum water works, create a time s

Productivity Addiction

I just got home from three weeks in Bali. I took work with me, but for the last week of our vacation, I tucked my laptop into the darkest, furthest corner of my room and didn’t dare open it. I sat by the pool with one of my best friends. I rode a scooter with my husband. I played dolls with my daughter and let me son practice “magic” tricks on me. I went out for dinner with my friends, watched the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead. Twice. And binge read “Outlander.” Healing. There is nothing wrong with working hard. I’m huge advocate for it. I am not, however, an advocate for relentless productivity, the pursuit of busyness and the exhaustion of doing too much in too short of a time. I f

KAE encounters anyone?

We’ve received so many messages from shoppers who tell us that they receive a ton of compliments when they wear our items. KAE believes that the way we dress has power. Power to impact our own day and power to impact those around us, with a simple glance of our message. Personally, my 'KAE encounter' usually includes someone reading the message on the item I'm wearing and then smiling or asking about it. The other day I wore my denim cap to the gym and someone read it and smiled. Another time, I wore my 'be kind' tee to Starbucks and a lady asked me where I purchased my shirt (I was very excited to tell her btw). I wore my KAE unisex 'kindness above everything' sweatshirt to NYC and someone

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