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Kindness Can Change An Industry

Fashion is known to be one of the harshest industries to get into and it can be a lot to deal with at times, but don't let the rumors fool you. If you really want to make it in fashion you will have to adapt. When I mean adapt, I mean make your experience in the fashion industry your own. Of course you hear people say that all the time, and that’s great, but life is about being yourself and becoming the person that God intended you to be. So that’s exactly what I did and what I am still doing.

In this industry you will run into a lot of personalities, some that fit into familiar stereotypes and others that are creating their own stereotypes. Fashion is fast-pace, and never stopping, so people have zero time to waste and that’s very apparent. As humans we pretty much remember every person we encounter and how they’ve treated us. That one impression can stick with you for a lifetime. I remember when I was 10, and participated in a model casting call, at least that’s what I thought it was. In reality, it was an acting audition. Needless to say, I was not an actress and I was terrified. Once I walked in, I auditioned and thought I was actually not too bad. Let’s just say, during the final feedback I got ripped apart. After convincing the lady I thought it was a modeling audition, she stated “I hope you can walk way better than you can act, if not don't even waste your time going to any more casting calls”. I walked out of the room with my eyes filled with tears, got in the car and my mom turned around and said, “If you are going to let one person ruin your spirit for something you’re passionate about then you don't really want it”.

As I continued to go to modeling casting calls, I came across information to audition for a modeling school. At the casting we had to memorize a commercial, which I had never experienced, and I was very nervous, because it reminded me of the acting casting call. While I was practicing another mother walked passed me, stopped and said, “Wow, you are beautiful and I have been listening to you practice your commercial; you have so much personality and such a great spirit about you. I already know you will go far in this industry.” I was so humbled and gracious that she shared that with me, especially when she was there for her daughter. I did get accepted into the modeling school, won numerous awards and in fact over 10 modeling agents were interested in representing ME! Although I declined the offers and continued to focus on school at the time, that experience was life changing. I found my passion, my love for fashion. I was really unsure if I could actually make it in the industry because of the negativity I was hearing, until I received those positive words from that one mother at the audition. One act of kindness can change everything, and bring you confidence! Till this day, I can still hear that mother telling me those KIND words.

People will try to steal your joy, but you have to persevere and spread that joy and passion that God has given you. As I matured, I dealt with the unkind individuals in the fashion industry, and I didn’t shed anymore tears because I believed in myself. If an individual was unkind in the industry towards me, I made sure I was always kind and respected them; regardless of how they treated me. Just because the fashion industry at times can be unkind, doesn't mean you have to be that way too. Indeed, one simple act of kindness can change someone else’s life. If you’re at a casting call and someone has forgotten a pair of heels, offer your heels so he/she may audition; if you see someone is in need of assistance, ask if he/she needs help; if you see someone having a rough day, a simple gesture of kindness may be all he/she needs to get through the day. I have been in the fashion industry for 12 years, and I’ve adapted by spreading joy and kindness to everyone I’ve encountered. That is how I’ve created so many great relationships in the industry. I’ve used my gifts that God has blessed me with, and spread them on whatever platform I have available.

When I post my daily inspirational quotes on my styling inspiration page @thejoyofstyling I want followers to be inspired, just like me. I may not know them, but I know we have one thing in common, “Fashion”, and that’s the ultimate platform to spread kindness. I mean, who doesn't love Fashion! When you feel good, you look good, and that’s why I love the industry. You can help someone feel great about themselves, by the beautiful clothes on their body. KAE knows this because they have created an amazing fashion platform to uplift and spread kindness in this world!

Yes indeed, you never know, you may even change a ten year olds life by just one act of kindness. Fashion can be a harsh industry, but persevere and spread a KIND word on your fashion platform one day at a time!


Joy Copeland

Founder/CEO of The Joy Of Styling

IG: @TheJoyOfStyling, @Joy.Tiffani

Twitter: @TheJoyOfStyling

Tumblr: thejoyofstylingblog

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