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Kindness. The Key to Becoming a Great Doctor.

My passion is giving back and instilling confidence and determination in minority youth. Since completing the three year summer program, NERA Medprep, which aims to provide amazing opportunities for underrepresented students in medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, I have come to realize how much I learned from my mentor and role model, Dr. Sabahat Bokhari, Director of the Nuclear Cardiology Department at Columbia. Dr. Bokhari taught me that helping others reach their goals and achieve their dreams is the key to true success and happiness in life.

I am determined to emulate Dr. Bokhari's footsteps by mentoring and helping guide other students. The kindness shown by professors Dr. Philip LaFountain and Dr. Laurie Giles also played a major role in my life. They encouraged me to work hard and consistently at achieving my goals. When I started my event partnership with Latinas United of Harvard University, they served as such amazing support. When I am asked to speak at different schools or organizations, overcoming adversity has been my theme. The most important lesson I've learned is that we are all capable. Regardless of your socioeconomic level, language barrier, or any other circumstance that may be hindering your goals and dreams, anything in life is achievable. The maxim I live by is "Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do." Kindness and compassion for humanity has always been a part of my character, which is why I yearn to become a physician. It is rewarding to know that I will one day save someone's life.

I've had the pleasure of volunteering at various places including The Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and The Cancer Out Patient center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Volunteering brings me joy to know that I can make a small difference in a person's life. By transporting a patient from room to room, whether it be for tests or simply just to talk to them and their family to provide reassurance and comfort that everything will be alright, is such a blessing. Overall, fostering kindness and empathy in the world of medicine is crucial however, it so important in society and humanity on a whole. To be able to provide love and peace to one another is where it all starts. I currently major in biology but I also decided to add psychology as my minor in order to fully understand and interact with all types of people and situations with the utmost care and respect. Kindness and compassion to all goes a long way in life and it has been part of my drive to becoming a better me and one day, a life-changing doctor.

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