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1 thing. Every day.

Would you agree that you learn something new or learn more about something/someone each day?

Would you also agree that social media should do more than simply provide a platform for cute outfits, quotes and selfies?

Would you agree that social media has the power to change the world (to a degree)?

Well, join the club.

KAE has always been big on making sure that everyone understands how important they are, the impact have/can have, and the lessons that can be learned from each day. We don't know about you all but we are constantly learning something- whether it be something about another person, our world, or ourselves. There is a big world out there that we can learn so much from, if we take the time to realize that truth. To live a full day without some type of revelation is a bit sad for us. So let’s move towards more happiness, shall we?

Each day beginning tomorrow until March 25th, we will be sharing one thing we’ve learned each day.

Does it mean we think we are just so incredibly wise that everyone will benefit from our words or wisdom? Not necessarily.

What it does mean is that by seeing what we are learning from their day, it will hopefully cause you to think just a bit more about your own. Our learnings won’t be long and exhausting. Sometimes it will be a meme, a photo, a sentence, or a paragraph. Nothing you can’t read and reflect on, even if for a moment.

Look out for a note from us tomorrow. If this all goes well and the feedback is amazing after March 25th, we will continue this trend bigger and better. However, we can’t get there without your engagement and interest.


Those who read our blog and want us to know you are also seeking to learn more from your day, use hashtag #1thingeveryday under your picture on IG or use it within a post on Twitter or Facebook. We want to begin forming a global bond with those who are choosing to see the beauty of each day.

Can’t wait to connect and grow with each and every one of you.

Have a great Friday and a safe weekend!

Live loved,


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