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The Morning After the Oscars.

By now, you’ve all probably heard about what happened at the Oscars last night. I watched up until 11pm before falling asleep and missed the action completely! But waking up to good ole loyal technology, I was able to catch it! And it was beautiful. The short story is, the presenters of the award were given the wrong envelope and announced the wrong movie to win the coveted “Best Picture” category. It went to “La La Land” when it was later corrected and given to “Moonlight”.

Three Things We Learned Last Night:

1. The importance of doing the right thing in the moment, not after. This is the Oscars! The producers could have allowed the speeches to continue and rectify the situation after live taping to avoid the chaos, shock and delay that this mistake caused. Instead they didn’t. They interrupted the speeches to correct the situation and announce the correct winner to give them the opportunity to live within the moment of not only winning an Oscar, but being the first all-black cast to win best picture.

2. Kindness is KEY. The casts from both movies handled it beautifully. The cast from “Moonlight” spoke about how they initially accepted the loss because “La La Land” was also a great movie and believed they were just as worthy to receive the award. The cast of “La La Land” mentioned that they were honored however, acknowledged that it was well-deserved for “Moonlight” to win with the amount of talent in the movie. Everyone wins when everyone is kind.

3. The beauty of unscripted unity. Last night, we saw a room filled with such different people. Not simply different faces, but different beliefs, different experiences, different lives. The night was to celebrate well-crafted movies. Movies that we all laugh at when funny and all cry for when sad. Now of course, people may not like a movie as much as another person but that difference is not highlighted. Differences that devalue something should never be celebrated, and that is the beauty of the Oscars. We all joined together in celebrating hard work, imagination, diversity, and encouragement. The sweet tour bus riders who were able to join in on the fun also displayed the beauty of what can happen when the emphasis is taken off of the dresses, the jewelry, and the hair, and instead placed on experiencing life together and the unscripted beauty that can arise from that. One of the bus riders got a pair of glasses from Jennifer Aniston! (I'd say that was a win for sure!)

Cheers to the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel, the cast of Moonlight, the cast of La La Land, and to each and every person reading this. May we live today and every day with kindness to both ourselves and those around us.

Live loved,


In case you missed what happened, click here!

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