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What Is Your Assignment For Today?

People look for ways to change the world later, but we have the tools to do it today.

When we open our eyes and see the blessings of a new day, it is because it was meant for us to witness it. We have something that God trusts us to accomplish within that day and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

With this outlook, we gain anticipation and pride in ourselves because God deems us cool enough to give us responsibilities only we can see through. If something unpleasant happens along the way, it's still okay because God thinks we're strong enough to handle it.

From now on, ask God to show you your assignment for the day and how you can showcase Him to someone else. Tomorrow's holds its own villains, let's be someone's superhero today.

Live loved.

Post any pic that relates to today's post with the hashtag #1thingeveryday to join us in choosing to learn one thing from our day, every day.

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