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Come on, be honest.

"As we grow up and discover who we truly are...we start to see that we have always known. We begin to recognize what we truly want and need. As we become more in alignment with ourselves and start to get really connected to our soul... Our life needs to shift with these discoveries and desires. There can often be a disconnect between the life we're living and the evolution of desires. The human condition is interesting because although the natural state for us is to be connected to ourselves and our truth... We will live our whole lives disconnected from it so not as to disturb those around us for fear of disrupting their lives... And for fear of disrupting our own. Often we've already decided for other people that they can't handle the information and we already determine how they will react. We need to trust that those who can handle our truth, will. And they will stay in our lives and join us on our journey. And those who can't, won't. And that's okay. Change can be hard. Growing and evolving can be tough. And each moment that we live we are being gently, and sometimes not so gently, tested to see if we want to stay the same or truly grow into who we are. Look at your life and see, where are you answering the call? Where are you playing small? It's up to us to model our lives around the deep call from within. It's time to

become who you have always been. #createthelove"

Written by @createthelove.

Live loved.


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