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KAE encounters anyone?

We’ve received so many messages from shoppers who tell us that they receive a ton of compliments when they wear our items. KAE believes that the way we dress has power. Power to impact our own day and power to impact those around us, with a simple glance of our message.

Personally, my 'KAE encounter' usually includes someone reading the message on the item I'm wearing and then smiling or asking about it. The other day I wore my denim cap to the gym and someone read it and smiled. Another time, I wore my 'be kind' tee to Starbucks and a lady asked me where I purchased my shirt (I was very excited to tell her btw). I wore my KAE unisex 'kindness above everything' sweatshirt to NYC and someone from across the street yelled “kindness, that’s what we all need”.

We all spend money every day. KAE always promised to be a business that put purpose behind your dollars. Our purpose is to spread the message of 'kindness above everything' by understanding the importance of a moment. By encouraging everyone to be intentional with the way they treat others. There will be times when we will disagree, when we'll be angry, and when we'll not get along with others. All those things are human and natural. KAE is not hear to sell a vision of utopia. We are here to remind everyone that the same kindness we each want from others, we too should graciously give. Whether it be those we love, like, dislike, extremely dislike (no hating!).

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Now let’s continue spreading KINDNESS ABOVE EVERYTHING. We’re crazy enough to believe that each shopper has the potential to change the world, starting with the places where they wear their KAE and the people who see it.

We want to hear your 'KAE encounter' story! Comment below!

Who wore the KAE item? Who saw it? What did they do? How did it make you feel?

Moments matter.


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