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Social Media: The Problem with the 'Social' Part.

My boyfriend sent me a thread from Science Mike (@mikemchargue) on Twitter last night and it was such a great thread that I thought I'd share it with all of you. It addresses the irony of social media and the real effects it has on each person. What was created to be a tool of global communication slowly began to branch off into avenues of distorted views of self, relationships, friendships, 'goals', and more. How did we get here? How did something so simple turn into something so potentially damaging?

Read Science Mike's thread below and let me know your thoughts.


" Research is increasingly clear that social media has more negative consequences for most people's mental health that positive ones. Here's a few things that I've found helpful in my approach to social media:

1. I understand that social media companies have a financial incentive to create services that create compulsive behavior among their user base. It's in my best interests to mitigate that.

1a. Notifications are a primary mechanism for creating dopamine-fueled compulsive loops. It's in my best interest to disable all notifications coming from social media platforms, and to be intentional about how often I check them.