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Day 3: Jealousy in Friendships

Friendship can be a gift and a curse. It provides many highs in our lives because we are awarded a companion that takes on the world with us. However, it also provides a mirror of self-reflection and exposes things we’re not proud of.

Jealousy is common in friendships because unfortunately, we frequently want what we don’t have, especially if we’ve always gotten the short end of the stick and had to seemingly work just a tad bit harder for things, while it seems like they came so easy for another. Now, that shouldn't mean we want to take it from them, it should simply mean we want better for ourselves. For example, if a close friend gets married before you, if you’re honest with yourself, there’s a small part that contemplates why you too haven’t crossed that off your life goals list or ponders if you’ll ever make it to that point. But, the point of being a friend is realizing when things aren’t about you and allowing the spotlight to abundantly shine on someone else.

Truly loving your friends means authentically having their best interest at heart, not being happy for them because we feel obligated to. Genuinely celebrating someone else’s wins doesn’t decrease yours. If anything, it multiplies them.

God showing out in one life is a reminder that He’s ready and willing to do the same for you. Stay faithful and be thankful that God is just that great.

There are some cases when our friends may put up a front and we’re left in the dark about things they endure up to that point, but still, it’s not our job to say if they deserve it. Your support may be the thing to assure them of their worth in that moment.

Today, if you feel yourself comparing your life to your friend, stop in your tracks and wholeheartedly say “my win is on the way.” Repeat it as many times as you need to until you believe it and rest assured that it is tailor-made for you.

- Mel

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