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Why Kindness Is The Answer To Workplace Woes

We were introduced to Jaclyn Lindsey, Co Founder and CEO of, and loved that both of us were in the same line of work, encouraging people to choose kindness above everything. She wrote an article last November about kindness within the workplace and thought we'd share it with all of you. Not only do we agree with 100% of what she says but it also makes us so happy to know that people are working towards a kinder world as tirelessly as we are.

Enjoy and let us know how you like today's blog!


If you’ve spent even just 10 minutes scanning the headlines in the last month, the workplace can seem like it’s suddenly become a minefield. Sexual harassment. Bullying. Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. This isn’t news–in fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of time—but in this cultural moment, we are finally talking about these micro- and macro-aggressions openly.

But what are we supposed to do about it?

We all have a choice about how to handle how we feel on the inside. It’s what we do with those feelings that actually makes an impact. When I co-founded in 2016, I wanted to educate and inspire people to choose kindness.

The impact of kindness is provable

To motivate people to be kind to each other and respect our shared humanity, we had to show that kindness deserves to be taken seriously. So how can we take something written off as warm and fuzzy and prove that it matters? Leveraging science, data and technology is the answer.

Ahead of my organization’s official launch, we collaborated with Oxford University researchers to review the existing scientific work on kindness. The most consistent question asked was, “what is the impact of being kind on human well-being?” We learned that there is a substantial and measurable effect on well-being across many areas. By helping others, your own happiness, life-satisfaction, relationships, social connections and positivity are increased—and life becomes more enjoyable.

Data and technology make it possible for kindness to flourish