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Favorite for Fall: 'Kindness Above Everything' Sweatshirt

Whether we want to dress down or dress up, we always look for a piece that is going to make our outfit pop. The “kindness above everything” sweatshirt is the definition of a statement piece. While fitting the mold for fall wear with its neutral color, the bold lettering splashed across the front demands attention for heads to turn and admire its sentiment.

In a world full of injustices that make us question our faith in people, a complete shift happens when I wear KAE attire. Once someone sees the “kindness above everything” slogan, I am immediately met with personal testimonies of why kindness takes top priority in their lives. An impact is made when we wear clothes that resonate with our morals. We not only give spectators a glimpse into our personality, we invite them to bond with us on a more intimate level without trying, like when wearing our favorite sports attire. At the very least, this motto could be a cute reminder for someone to “be nice.” But at its peak, our motto could serve as a reminder for someone who is on the edge of an emotional cliff and having a hard time keeping life in perspective.

One of the things I love most about this brand is its ability to keep its customers in constant reflection. Once I adorn myself with this sweatshirt, I am fully responsible for embodying everything it promotes, even when I am weary and don’t feel up to the challenge. This is probably one of the reasons why it is KAE's best selling item. It goes beyond simply being worn and moves us to be intentional.

KAE Collection is more than a lifestyle brand, it’s a life-saving brand.

Style tip: match with black or khaki bottoms for a minimalist approach or camo bottoms for a flair of creativity. Enter 'bebold' at checkout and get free shipping on this unisex sweatshirt! Tag us in your pic!

Check back tomorrow!

- Mel

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