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Favorite for Fall: “No Fuss” Beanie

"I’ve always seen accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.

- Michael Kors

The pieces we use to assemble an outfit are vital, but the hidden treasure is in our accessories we partner alongside them. Though having a minimalistic style may be boring for some, the “no fuss” beanie manifests itself to be more than just a average head-warmer and reassures that the magic really is in the details.

While we might not put much consideration into why we’re attracted to the colors we wear, if we’re attentive, we’ll see the deeper meanings that come to the surface. Yes, sometimes we purchase things solely because we like the way it's put together however, there’s certain times in our lives when we want the colors we wear to mirror our energy. For example, one may wear brighter colors in the summer because coupled with the sun, it makes them feel happier or a woman in a position of power may wear a red suit or red lipstick in a meeting to convey her significance.

Dipped in fuchsia, the “no fuss” beanie aligns with this reasoning. The color pink often symbolizes delicacy, tenderness, and resilience. In essence, it displays all that KAE Collection is. Kindness offers soft affirmations to its receiver yet is also unconditional, empowering whomever it desires regardless of the result.

The letters “KAE” equally portioned across the front serve as a fundamental call to action those who know our mission and an ice breaker for those who don’t.

Style tip: Add to a neutral colored sweater dress with combat boots for a relaxed fall slay. Enter 'nofuss' at checkout! Tag us in your pic!

Check back tomorrow!

- Mel

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