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Kind Labor: Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

In our workplaces, a common goal is to master the position we’re currently in and move to the next level. We work relentlessly to prove our worth and dedication in hopes that our deeds will not go unnoticed, but our health and personal peace is sacrificed for recognition.

How do we create an even exchange? A wise colleague told me I must “show out without burning out.”

Here’s two ways to maintain excellence in our professional and social lives:

1. Balance is key

Though our personal and professional lives are equally demanding, I’ve learned that our serenity takes precedence over our tasks. An easy way to implement this new habit is to make a “to-do” list each weekend for the following week. Include all of your upcoming work activities, then schedule something that brings you pleasure to start, end, or take the pressure off in the middle of each day. In doing this, we are devoting the time and energy needed to give our all to our assigned tasks, and remaining in tune with our own needs.

Assess your schedule each day and align it with how you’re feeling. If there’s something that absolutely needs to be done that day, give yourself a pep talk and power through it, but if there are other things that can be rescheduled or spread over the week, adjust your plans accordingly. Each day holds a new set of hidden cards, play the hand you’re dealt as best you can.