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Main Motivations.

My name is Gary Coach. I am an up and coming music producer/musician based out of Brooklyn, NY. I am also the founder of Destiny Music Group, an eclectic worship group. Ministry and music are two of my passions and love and kindness are two of my main motivations. I believe that when love is your motivation, everything else will fall into place. We need to celebrate love more often. Appreciate its presence and understand its power. A simple act of love and kindness can change someone's whole life around. Kindness is the only way we can combat a lot of the hatred and anger we have in the world, especially where this world seems to be headed.

I was taught right from wrong through many experiences in life. There are so many acts of kindess that have impacted me on many different levels, the best example I can provide is God's kindness. He has surrounded me with so many great people, family and friends. His kindness gives my life so much meaning. May we each find meaning in the kindness that God shows to us each day and the kindness we show to others.

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