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3 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Valentine!

February 14th, the day where love abounds and the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” rings true more than ever. However, roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate have become the staple exception to the rule when our creativity should be flowing at its highest. Here’s 3 out-of-the-box valentines gifts that will rock your sweetheart’s world.

1. Love Note Jar

Instead of whispering sweet nothings, write love notes that your valentine will always treasure. Grab some notebook paper and write a single compliment on each note. This is a great way to mix memories, affirmations and things you appreciate the most about your partner in one unforgettable gift. For maximum water works, create a time span of notes for your partner to read (i.e. 14 for 2 weeks or 31 for a month) and require that they open one daily. Afterward, discuss why it was mentioned.

2. A Homemade Card

No, it’s not just for 5 year olds. If you can’t find the right words to describe your mate, homemade cards provide an opportunity to be as expressive as you want through art. Even if you’re not crafty, the fact that you took the time to design this gift as best you could scores major points.