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KAE's FAQs Answered.

What is KAE Collection?

KAE, an acronym for “kindness above everything” is a clothing brand that promotes the message of kindness through its items. Are the sweatshirts true to size or do they run a little bigger?

Since the sweatshirts are unisex, each size does run just a bit larger to accommodate for both male and female fit.

Will the items be available in plus size soon?

Our largest size is XL however, as we begin to partner with other great organizations and companies, we hope to be able to expand our collection to include plus sizes. Do you plan to have pop up shops in any other cities?

At the moment, nothing is on the schedule. However, the thought is not completely out of the picture. We’ve only done pop up shops within the Tri-State. If the opportunity arises outside of our normal locations, we’d certainly consider it.

Where is your store located?

KAE is an eCommerce business so the only way to purchase our items are online @ or by visiting one of our pop up shop events.

I want to help! Are you looking for interns?

ALWAYS! What are you interested in? What are you good at? Email us @! We'll find something for you!

How do we find out about KAE events or new items?

Two important ways:

1. By subscribing to our website @

2. By following us on our social media accounts so that you never miss a beat!

Facebook: KAE Collection

Instagram: KAE_Collection

How can I contribute to the blog? If you have any ideas on a blog topic or would like to write for KAE, email us at We love hearing from our audience so do not hesitate.

What sets your company apart? Integrity. We feel strongly about our mission and our purpose here on this earth. We believe God has created everyone for a purpose that they either take seriously or not. Our purpose is to influence this world with kindness. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

What is your company’s history?

The idea of KAE was formed while KAE’s Founder, Alicia, was on a civic engagement trip to Uganda, Africa in 2009 and 2010. Alicia saw how the lives within the village were being changed by her and her group being there to build a school block. She also noticed how her and her group’s lives were also changed upon realizing that above language, intellect, and ability, kindness is the one thing that can be felt and understood by everyone. It requires no degree, legacy, status or title. It is powerful simply because it exists. That is our history that motivates us each day.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

We’d really love to collaborate Denise Bidot and her ‘No Wrong Way’ campaign. Both messages align and KAE believes that messages are greater and far more impactful in numbers so we’d really like to see that partnership happen. We’d also like to see KAE in Urban Outfitters. That store sells messages. Blunt, ‘in your face’ messages. We want in on its boldness. We want KAE on UO shelves and racks! We’d also like to see KAE in classrooms. Bullying is a real problem. We want to work with more teachers to get KAE included in lesson plans. We want to be the driving force behind changing the culture of classrooms and school settings.

What charities or organizations do you support?

Our main focus is to ensure that we live out our message, so supporting charities are one of our top priorities. In the past we've supported domestic violence organizations that provide support and security to adults and children. However,

the last three organization’s we supported were: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Walk, and Amazon’s Foster Care Gift List.

How does your product compare to other products?

They are well made. We try to get away from our items just being a screen print job. Our products are thoughtful and great quality. We always gets such great feedback on the comfort or style of our items. We work hard to be sure that you get what you are paying for. When it comes to our message, we want to be sure you are wearing things that can be worn years from now. Our message has no intention of going anywhere.

What is a creative use of your product?

I think the most creative use of our product has been seeing people wear our items for things they feel strongly about. For example, school events, various walks, marches, and peaceful protests. We want others to see and know that our message applies to everyone. When we see our items at these events, we are excited to know that people understand what we are building and the importance of our message.

What would you recommend your customers do in the first few weeks of using your product?

Every customer gets a business card. We’d love for people to leave those cards in a place where others will see. We also encourage people to wear our item and tag us in a pic to be featured in our #WeSpyKAE” posts on our social media accounts.

Share a product update.

Hmmm. More unisex ‘dad hats’ for fall. That’s all we’ll say. :-)

Live loved.


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