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Conversing with Curtrice.

It is no surprise that we are fans of Curtrice Williams. From first glance. she is insightful, intelligent, gentle and sure. The Author & Co Founder of Gentlewomenhood has hit the road running and we are blessed to be able to have peripheral view of her journey. We were able to snag some of her time and ask her questions to gain entry into her mind, her life, and plans for her future.

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. Enjoy!

1. Although we are very aware of who you are, for those who are not part of your 100K+ followers on social media, who is Curtrice L. Williams?

Curtrice L. Williams, it’s funny how saying my name out loud in this season of my life makes me smile. I am an ever evolving woman who has found the beauty in transparency, who lives every day with a desire to help someone in one way or another. While I wear many different hats, a woman who aspires to inspire and encourage both in my home and outside of it follows me, it is who I am.

2. What inspired you to create "Gentlewomenhood"?

Gentlewomenhood, was birthed from the founder Pierre Alex Jeanty and his preexisting brand Gentlemenhood, I was working for him on his website and also blogging when he decided, “the women need something and you’re the woman for that.” That is when my page started and since then I feel like a butterfly that has gone through various different phases and changes but all for the better all while still expressing myself. I realize that Alex saw something in me that I didn’t quite see in myself at the time. I wanted to help, to encourage, to inspire, I was wonderful at writing but I didn’t realize I could do so on a larger scale, I didn’t’ see the potential. Gentlewomenhood was created to give women hope. It has been an honor to do just that as co-founder and operator over the years. I’m currently working on rebranding, in which “Gentlewomenhood” will transition to my name, Curtrice L. Willliams, as I have grown I plan to give more of me. There is so much more to me than my writing.

3. That is awesome! We see you post great advice about relationships and self care. Why is this so important to you?

It’s so important to me because I have experienced the damage immaturity, mistakes, or lack of knowledge in relationships can create and where a lack of self-care can lead you. On the flip side I can say the same, I have experienced what making better choices does for the woman you are within and what doors can be opened by not just knowing better but also doing better. I can’t keep quiet; these are things I want the world to know. I really want us all to grow, and I’m very grateful to be in a position to share advice with others.

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