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Vote, Stickers and KAE.

Regardless of who/what you are voting for, it is your right and we support and encourage everyone to do the things that they are passionate about. And to do them KINDLY.

We aren't going to bombard you with political party information. However, we WILL share some other voting-related information we think you'd like!

1. Vote today and get free shipping on your next KAE order! We'll send you a super cute coupon code to use and share with your friends!

What you need to do:


- Snap a pic of you and your sticker (double points if you vote WEARING KAE!) with the reason why you voted and DM us on IG, Facebook or Twitter!

(If you are unable to vote, we welcome you too! Enter 'iVoted' at checkout!)

2. No “I Voted” Stickers at Your Polling Station? Our voting booth does not have them either! HOWEVER, we’ve got you covered. The stakes for this year’s midterms may be the highest in memory, but we all know the real reason Americans vote is the stickers. Luckily, if you live in a state or county that was too cheap to provide one, or if you voted early or absentee, we’ve got you covered. Print out one of's custom-designed sticker sheets at home (use sticker paper, or just grab some double-sided tape), and wear it with pride.

3. All other important voting information can be found here.

Moments matter.

- Alicia

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