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Guns. Grace. Grub.

Phew. WE MADE IT….through the first week of the new year! Is it only us or did it feel like this week would never ever ever ever end?! Regardless of that, we are certainly blessed to have made it through the week and we do not take that blessing for granted. As we were thinking of what our second blog posting would be, we settled on “Guns, Grace & Grub”. You are probably thinking, “where the heck are they going with this?” Valid though. Let us explain.


This past week, President Obama announced a series of executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence. Read all about the facts of his proposal here. We want to hear your thoughts on this? Whichever side of the debate you are on, please share. Don’t be shy. Conversations like this should take place without it being weird or hostile. We have been in many conversations regarding this subject. We’ve heard from those who grew up with guns and view them as something harmless yet necessary. We can see both points however, as we speak to different people, one thing is clear. Whichever side they are on, their opinion is based off of their experience alone leaving little room for understanding others and why they feel differently. Guns and their usefulness have changed drastically over the years. Guns have been used to implement both the highest and basest goals of humanity - to put food on the table, to provide personal protection, to enforce or defy the law, to defend or acquire territory and treasure, and to liberate or to enslave. Guns are also used for recreational and competitive shooting and a way to highlight America’s freedom by exercising the constitutional right to own firearms simply for the pleasure of shooting or the enjoyment of ownership, in addition to more serious uses. So the question becomes, “what do we when the use of guns begin taking more and more innocent lives ?”

In our opinion, strict rules are the first step. Improved regulation helps to create some type of order for an issue that is growing more and more heated and uncontrolled. We’ve seen enhanced policies and procedures improve issues such as alcohol and tobacco usage, sport injury assessment, etc., and with the use of guns and senseless deaths increasing, proper and revised regulation is warranted. The time has come. As we all know or should know, this did not “just happen”. The speech surrounding the cons of gun use are becoming louder and clearer due to technology advancement and a bolder generation filled with individuals who are not only unafraid to start the conversation, but are equipped to hold the conversation with their fellow peers and those in authority. KAE has marched for numerous peaceful protests this past year. Not to show support of one side and disregard the feelings of another but to highlight the need for reformation and attention to the details of cases and to help shed light on the reality that many families are being forced to face against their will due to guns. We don’t have the answer but what we do have is a voice and because we promote kindness, our language bleeds into this issue as well. It’s time to see the honest impact of these weapons. Now what we believe the weapon should be used for. Not what we assume the weapon is being used for. But what it is really doing. It’s time to implement strict regulation before it becomes uncontrollable. Let’s keep this conversation going and see where it goes.


Has anyone ever heard of Grace Farms?? We heard about it last week and now we are obsessed. Not only with the concept but the overall layout. Grace Farms is a welcoming new place, where a building designed by SANAA is seamlessly integrated into 80 acres of open space for people to experience nature, encounter the arts, pursue justice, foster community, and explore faith. The KAE team will be visiting so we can really show you the ins and outs of this place- stay posted. In the meantime, check it out and tell us your thoughts. Take some pics while you’re at it.