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We love seeing KAE on you! Nothing warms our heart more than seeing someone in a KAE item. It means YOU GET IT! It's not always easy as a fashion brand to confidently promote an idea or style. Although the idea of kindness is not something we’ve wavered on, the question in the back of our mind is always, “but do they all get what we are trying to do and pormote?” As much as we’d like to believe that we’d do this regardless of if anyone purchased an item, the truth is that it would be discouraging if no one believed in us enough to wear our brand. With each purchase, it is a pat on our back encouraging us to keep going, keeping spreading kindness in a trendy and wearable way, and to do so boldly.

We've had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people and we pray to meet even more as our journey continues to unfold. We hope you all feel comfortable enough to share your experiences with us. With today’s media trend, it seems as if people are naturally entertained by the negative. Simply put- KAE promotes the good. The world has enough critics, KAE is a reminder that kind people do exist and they exist with purpose and with a sense of social consciousness that reminds each of you that intention is necessary when it comes to KAE Collection. Our dream is to penetrate all social circles. Sit at the table with popular retailers and to continue to make our name known. We hope you will continue to stick with KAE. Even if you don’t buy a single item, tell a friend about KAE. Live kindly. Live fairly. Live justly. Put kindness above everything.

We can’t wait to connect with more of you. Don’t be shy! If you see us on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and/or in person, connect with us. Say hi- we don’t bite.

We actually talk back! :-)

Have a great week!


-where fashion meets philanthropy-

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