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Kindness and Cuba.

Everyone. We've made it. Spring is finally here.

With this new season, comes our new item! Our new brass heart-shaped, hand-stamped pendant on a 19in necklace. Purchase yours here and tag us in your pics to be featured on our social media platforms. We love seeing our supporters.

In other news, ¿Que bolá Cuba?

Today, President Obama and his family landed in Havana, opening a new chapter in U.S. engagement with the island’s Communist government after decades of animosity between the former Cold War foes. Many people are hesistant as to what this visit actually means for Cubans. A few business owners visited Cuba with President Obama and many hope this will not be a trip motivated by money. KAE is hopeful. Where there is a need, there is a chance to help. This trip in our eyes can go beyond only providing money and jobs and if done properly (sans politics), can move towards freedom for the people and creating an attainable goals by both sides, Cubans and Americans. It is only day one and a few hours into President Obama's trip however, our eyes and ears are glued to the developments of this trip. Share your thoughts about this trip below!

"This is a matter of us engaging directly with the Cuban people and being able to have candid, tough conversations directly with the Cuban government," Obama said. "We will have more influence and have greater capacity to advocate on behalf of the values that we care about when we're actually talking to them." Let this be a reminder that there is beauty in combination. Combining ideas, Combining people. Combining passion. Combining differences. Through combination, comes education.

Read/watch more about the President's trip here.

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