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I don't know about you all but when I find a good online read, I am thrilled. Now, I know books are a lost art that many are trying to bring back, which I agree 100% however, the other day I came across Thryve Magazine and I have been connected ever since. The mission of Thryve magazine is to “INSPIRE AND EMPOWER WOMEN TO NOT MERELY EXIST, BUT TO LIVE FULLY ALIVE.” Amazing. KAE's message is one that shares a similar message in that we encourage others (men and women) to live a life that reflects their best self- living kindly.

Now as we share this magazine, I know many of you must be thinking, “what about us men?” I have not come across something like this for men however when I do, I promise I will share. Promise.

Now, back to Thryve! The website is clean and inviting and the content is thoughtful and transforming. They have designed the articles and layout to inspire you, to challenge and compel you. Their desire is to tell beautiful stories that glorify God and that connect with the lives of their readers. They do not only aspire to produce rich and Christ-centered content, but beautiful imagery that makes every word come alive. Their desire is to continue to learn their field, which will cultivate creativity, refinement and growth.

They are so much more than just a magazine. Visit now and subscribe for free!

Living kindly,


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