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Graduates, Behold the Power of the Pause.

We read this speech in 2012 and it hasn't left our minds since! We refer to this speech when thinking about our future and past accomplishments.It made such an impact that we thought we'd share with all of you who are either graduating this year, recently graduated, or know someone who is graduating. This speech offers great reminders about life, the power of simply reflecting, and how to treasure each and every step of your journey.

We hope you'll enjoy is much as we did!


Remarks delivered by Maria Shriver on Friday, May 11, 2012 at University of Southern California's Annenberg School Commencement Ceremony

Good morning, Annenberg graduates — and congratulations! You’ve made it through one of the most prestigious universities in the world. You are accomplished — and, yes, you are blessed.

Blessed to be stepping out into the world with your degrees in journalism, PR, and Communication — right at the moment when it seems like everything in the world is about communication.

We’re communicating like never before — across borders and time zones — on platforms, devices, computers, tablets, phones, apps, games, you name it.

Communicating 24/7 — wired and wirelessly — talking, texting, and tweeting — trending and friending — to the other side of the room and the other side of the planet — spitting out the old, in order to consume the new.

Every minute you’re awake, you’re reaching out beyond yourself — way out beyond. It feels like the entire universe is an extension of your own nervous system.

You communicate instantly, automatically, and effortlessly. For you...communicating is like breathing.